EnergyWire: Rules to shore up pipelines could be approved today

Energy & Environment (E&E), the leading national news service covering energy and environment issues, reports on North Dakota's consideration of new gathering pipeline regulations including the BuildBetterND website.  The full story is available here (behind a paywall). 

North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple's (R) administration could finalize a closely watched package of regulations aimed at tightening pipeline construction in the Bakken Shale oil field...

The rules apply to gathering pipelines, the low-pressure systems that transport oil and wastewater from individual oil and gas wells to the broader transportation network. North Dakota has about 12,700 miles of the lines, and state officials expect an additional 36,000 miles to be built as the Bakken Shale field matures.

The gathering lines have been lightly regulated in North Dakota and most other states, and they've been responsible for some of the biggest oil and wastewater spills in the Bakken (EnergyWire, Oct. 29, 2015)...

The Laborers' International Union of North America, which has pushed for tougher pipeline standards, wants the state to collect the names of contractors so that pipeline owners can weed out companies linked to bad construction. The union launched a website this week with video testimony from workers who say they have witnessed sloppy, unsafe construction.

"We believe that information should be collected and that it should be made available to the public," said Kevin Pranis, marketing director for the union's Great Lakes region.