Bismarck Tribune: Year after ND’s worst pipeline spill, same system leaks again

WILLISTON – The company responsible for North Dakota's largest pipeline spill reported another leak on the same pipeline system Friday.

Meadowlark Midstream, a subsidiary of Summit Midstream, reported Friday that 187 barrels, or 7,854 gallons, of saltwater leaked from the pipeline Thursday afternoon about 15 miles north of Williston.

The spill occurred about 1½ miles north of where a pipeline leak was discovered almost exactly a year ago on the same saltwater pipeline system, said Bill Suess, spill investigation program manager with the North Dakota Department of Health.


No cause is yet known for either pipeline leak. The Industrial Commission has proposed $2.4 million in fines to Summit Midstream for the 2015 spill, alleging that the pipeline likely began leaking on or before Oct. 1, 2014, or 98 days before it was discovered.

The Williams County Commission has sent a letter to the Industrial Commission urging them to impose the entire fine, rather than their typical practice of suspending 75 percent to 90 percent of the fine.

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