Minot Daily News: PSC Chair Fedorchak addresses efforts to site infrastructure, improve reclamation

The Minot Daily News covered North Dakota Public Service Commission Chair Julie Fedorchak's remarks the the American Petroleum Institute's Bakken Chapter, including discussion of pipeline infrastructure and efforts to address landowner concerns:

In regard to some regulatory challenges, Fedorchak said reclamation was a huge challenge. "It has been for the last few years," she said. "Since I stepped on the board with the commission that was the first thing that I've heard the most from citizens. They just were not happy with pipeline reclamation. They had to get their trust back so they wouldn't keep saying no to pipeline easements."

She said the commission resited transmission lines. "We've worked closely with the companies over the last few years and developed a really good third-party inspection program that's actually paid for out of the siting fee. We hire the third-party inspectors who go out and monitor the construction of the pipeline from the minute the first shovel of dirt is dug to the very end," she said. She said the inspectors are not there 24/7 but are there at different times during the process.

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